What are your investment parameters?

  • Stage: We invest in seed-stage companies, typically with an in-market product, some paying customers, and early signs of product-market fit. We reserve capital to follow on in Series A rounds as well.

  • Sector: We invest exclusively in capital-efficient seed-stage B2B software companies. Our focus is companies solving urgent, high-pain workflow problems in legacy industries. Existing investments include fintech, insurtech, We do typically do NOT invest in device healthcare, biotech, agtech, energy, and military applications. We also do not invest in any B2C companies.

  • Geography: We invest in companies headquartered in the New York, Philadelphia, Boston, and DC metro areas. Given our commitment to being highly available, hands-on partners for our portfolio founders, we avoid spreading ourselves too thin by investing outside these core cities.

You can read more here.

Do you lead, follow, or both?

Round dynamics aren’t a deal breaker for us, though we strongly prefer to lead or co-lead, and we play an active role in building the investor syndicate. We always invest alongside at least one other institutional venture capital firm.

How big is your check size?

We write $500,000 - $1 million checks typically in rounds of $2 million - $4 million.


What can I expect from the investment process?

You can read about our process and approach here. Typically, we can get from first meeting to term sheet in 1-2 months, and we recommend all founders budget 4-6 months for a full institutional fundraising process.

How should I get in touch?

You’re welcome to reach out to anyone on our team directly via email or submit your information through this contact form.


How do you support portfolio companies?

As former operators and entrepreneurs ourselves, we work side-by-side with founders to formalize sales acceleration, scale organizational structure, and craft an effective capital strategy.  Whether it’s chasing down warm intros to decision-makers within your prospective customers, helping you structure sales team compensation structures, referring/interviewing key hires, identifying advisors/independent board members, or just brainstorming on the latest challenge you’re facing, we have your back. Read more about how we support portfolio companies here.


Where can I learn more about fundraising, pricing, b2b sales, etc.?

Check out our go-to list here.


Can we talk?

Sure thing. If you have questions about fundraising, business planning, the venture ecosystem, or anything else in our wheelhouse, feel free to sign up for a mentor meeting. If your company fits our investment parameters, feel free to reach out via our contact form. For any other inquiries, feel free to email us directly at info[at][our domain name].

Can you tell me more about related work opportunities?

We run a year-round internship program. In addition, our portfolio companies have dozens of exciting open roles.


We have a publicly posted Anti-Harassment, Non-Discrimination, and Diversity Policy. For more context, click here.