Anti-Harassment, Non-Discrimination, and Diversity Policy

Laconia is committed to building a safe, transparent, and collaborative environment for our entire community, including but not limited to entrepreneurs, employees, interns, Limited Partners, vendors, and other ecosystem partners. Diversity, inclusivity, and transparency will remain core to our business and the community we are building.

We believe that investing in diverse and ethical teams leads to better decisions, outcomes, and returns. We are committed to increasing our investments in underrepresented founders, who comprise 23% of our portfolio to date (as of 4/2018). We will not back founders who have been found to engage in discrimination, sexual misconduct, or sexual harassment.

We have zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, or retaliation of any kind with regard to anyone in our business network, including founders, investors, co-investors, vendors, and, of course, our own team members. We will appropriately and confidentially investigate reported misconduct of any kind. Any incidence can be reported to any member of our team.

We will continue finding the best ways to support, encourage, and engage entrepreneurs to build a more representative, safe, and inclusive community. We are adding the VC Inclusion Clause to all future term sheets and continuing conversations with existing portfolio companies regarding their diverse hiring goals.

Beyond our internal teams and portfolio companies, we are extending our diversity goals to our vendors as well. We are making it clear that team composition is a component of our evaluation criteria for vendors and partners, encouraging company-wide diverse representation and working toward ecosystem-wide progress.

Updated as of 4/6/2018. This policy may be updated in the future.