Education Symposium: Venture Asset Class for Family Offices

May 6, 2019 in NYC

Venture capital has been the creation catalyst of some of the world’s biggest and best companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and Netflix, to name a few. It continues to be a major force of growth and change in the U.S. economy, as seen with relatively recent companies such as AirBnB in hospitality, Uber in transportation, and WeWork in real estate. Venture capital is a visible, important, and attractive investment category providing ultra-high potential returns, public market insights, and next-generation engagement.

Asset class has evolved to be multi-faceted, dynamic, and increasingly exciting but challenging to navigate. This is an opportunity to educate and engage high net worth individuals, family offices, and foundations in a dynamic dialogue about the benefits, challenges, and opportunities presented by the venture asset class. Investors will gain a more in depth understanding of venture, ranging from foundational concepts to current, up to date examples, along with key applicable takeaways.

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