Inflection Capital Investing
LCG utilizes an investment approach described as “Inflection Capital Investing,” through which LCG will invest in late seed-stage companies that have reached an inflection point in their business development that strongly suggests continued growth, attractive future funding rounds, and current tangible value. Companies reaching LCG’s inflection point have an in-market product, existing primary revenue stream, low expense burn or nominal break-even, relatively light future capital requirements, and a valuation that reflects the current asset value rather than a hockey stick projection. These companies typically need late seed-stage financing to further build out their product features set, and refine their market value proposition and sales structure. Inflection Capital Investing allows LCG to target companies that have solid fundamentals, but which have not yet achieved the full demonstrated scalability needed to attract a Series-A round of financing.
Seeking companies which have built disruptive B-to-B Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) or Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”) based businesses that solve immediate marketing, distribution, communications, and workflow problems created by the technology revolution occurring within an identified sector.
Investments – LCG commits support to its entrepreneurs as they push forward in executing their vision and business plan. We do not believe in caging an entrepreneur’s enthusiasm, vision and drive, but rather in putting LCG Partners’ and Investors’ experience, expertise, and broad business network to work.

Investors – LCG maximizes transparency and LP participation by combining the best networking, street-level insight, and active-investor benefits of an angel association with the committed capital and efficient administration of an institutional investment firm.


Managing Directors

David Arcara
David Arcara is the co-managing member of the General Partner and the Management Company. Mr. Arcara has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and general manager. Read More...
Jeffrey Silverman
Jeffrey Silverman is the co-managing member of the General Partner and the Management Company. Mr. Silverman has over 20 years of experience building early stage media and technology. Read More...

Operating Partners

Robert Mancuso
Robert F. Mancuso is the Advisory Partner to the Management Company. READ MORE...
  • Alain Bankier
    Alain Bankier is a serial entrepreneur and an active early stage investor READ MORE...
  • Patrick Hoogendijk
    Patrick Hoogendijk is the Managing Partner and CFO of EIM Capital, a $1.5 billion private equity energy platform based in Mexico City. READ MORE...
  • Vamsi Sistla
    Vamsi Sistla is an innovative technologist with over 18 years of experience in the Television, Digital Media & Financial industries. READ MORE...
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